VMLogix Delivers Virtual Lab Automation to the Cloud

Next Generation Virtual Lab Solution Enables Software Teams to Leverage Amazon EC2 for Improved Software Quality and Accelerated Time to Market

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 22, 2009 - VMLogix, Inc., a provider of virtual machine management solutions designed for software companies and IT organizations, today announced the beta release of VMLogix LabManager™ – Cloud Edition, a new product that enables software teams to run virtual labs within cloud computing environments. The only offering on the market to support on-premise and public clouds, VMLogix LabManager now enables users to leverage the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to deliver and maintain software applications more quickly, cost-effectively and reliably.

“Cloud computing has the promise to deliver even greater efficiencies and cost savings to our development and testing environments,” said David Graham, CIO of Vignette. “We’ve used VMLogix to manage our on-premise virtual lab since 2007, and have had great success leveraging virtualization in order to cut costs and speed delivery of software applications. We are excited about Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing capabilities, and see it as the next logical step for our lab.”

Software teams will be able to improve software quality and time to market using VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition for a dynamic, scalable and elastic virtual lab experience. The new edition offers an easy and cost-effective way to provide virtual lab automation to development, QA, training, pre-sales demo and support teams. Features include:

  • Creation and management of multi-machine configurations: enabling the combination of multiple Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) into a single environment and providing capabilities to entirely automate the deployment and re-deployment of multi-machine environments (including software stack customizations) in a self-service fashion;
  • Full virtual lab tool capabilities: tapping into powerful virtual lab management capabilities including user/team management, license management and lease management, and enabling users/teams to share/collaborate with lab artefacts, audit trails and access to a centralized repository of software media;
  • On-demand access to virtual lab resources: allowing for immediate access to computing infrastructure resources over the web from any location; and,
  • Pay-for-what-you-use pricing model: leveraging the elasticity of the cloud allows customers to reduce up front capital expenditures by instantly scaling up or scaling down the lab infrastructure when required, and only paying for what is used.

“There is strong interest in cloud computing among our customer base, who are largely developers and testers,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of VMLogix. “As was true with server virtualization, this technical community has been among the first to adopt the cloud. Our customers are very interested in technology that enables them to save money on infrastructure costs and get their products to market faster. Our new LabManager – Cloud Edition helps them achieve these goals by leveraging the power of cloud computing.”

“We’re pleased that VMLogix is leveraging Amazon Web Services to deliver their new software development, testing and deployment capabilities,” said Terry Wise, director of Amazon Web Services Partner Relations. “VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition will help even more businesses take advantage of the benefits of the Amazon Web Services cloud.

VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition beta is available now, and will be generally available in September. Pricing for the beta is free and requires an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. For more information, visit www.vmlogix.com/LabManagerCloudBeta .

About VMLogix
VMLogix provides virtual machine management solutions designed for software companies and IT organizations to use any of the leading virtualization platforms for consolidating test lab infrastructures, automating the software build and test process, and for managing the staging and delivery of applications into production. Companies worldwide use VMLogix technology to deliver software more quickly, cost-effectively and reliably than with any other solution on the market. VMLogix has partnerships with the industry's most established technology companies including Citrix, IBM, Microsoft and VMware. VMLogix is a privately-held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company has received funding from Bain Capital Ventures and Trilogy. For more information on VMLogix, visit www.vmlogix.com .



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